Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jacqueline QUINN

Jacqueline, more commonly known as Jacki, was born about 1953 in Brisbane. She attended All Hallows school in Fortitude Valley and her younger sister Roslyn followed her there a couple of years later.

By 1969 Jacki was doing her apprenticeship as a hairdresser. She was working for a Miss KAY(e) who had a salon on about the fourth floor in a building on the corner of Queen and Edward Streets in Brisbane City on the opposite side of Edward Street to MacArthur Chambers.

Jacki was fond of going to the beach, at Maroochydore on the north coast and at Greenmount and Coolangatta on the south coast.

Jacqueline was a young lady with a natural beauty and very rarely used cosmetics. She didn't eat chocolate and had a good set of moral values, probably instilled in her by her mother, who was of a rather stern nature.

The viewer should not confuse this Jacqueline QUINN with another Jacqueline who married and later divorced a Shane Grimstone. That Jacqueline was from Victoria.

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