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80 King St. Felixstowe
80 King St Felixstowe
It is not known why Imelda QUINN was staying at 80 King Street in Felixstowe in Suffolk when John, her husband, was joining the Royal Australian Navy in 1948.

At that time one Stanley Eric BOND was recorded as living at that address. A researcher from Suffolk, has said that she believes that the BOND family, and there were a number of them living at other addresses in Felixstowe at the time, were members of the Salvation Army.

It may be that Imelda was either related to the BONDs or was staying there with the help of the Salvation Army while her husband was moving from the Royal Navy to the Royal Australian Navy. Imelda would have been 20-22 years of age at the time.

This photograph is of the intersection of Sydney Street and Oxlade Drive in New Farm. The vacant block on the corner was once occupied by a block of four flats which may have been an old house converted to flats.

The building behind the two cars and partially hidden by the tree is a modern block of units and is where the little white house of 5 Sydney Street once stood and the home of the QUINN family in the 1960s and 1970s.
Hazelwood The next photograph is of the block of flats at 151 Moray Street in New Farm which is approximately half a kilometre away from Sydney Street and the previous residence where Imelda lived. The first time Imelda is recorded as living in flat number 12 is February in 1975 and remains there until late 1984. By the time Imelda leaves this address she would have been approximately 58 years of age.
151 Moray St, New Farm

During this period, her husband, John Noel QUINN is listed as living at 95 Kennedy Terrace in Paddington, which was an old house that had been converted to become a boarding house and where a number of gentlemen where residing. John was still working as a fireman at the time. This building has since been renovated and is now a private dwelling.

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